dreamstime_xxl_32562936Having eyebrows that you can be proud of has become all the rage over the last few years. Women especially are trying everything they can to make sure they have the fiercest brows possible, but are you? If you spend a couple days a week double checking your brows in the mirror for stray hair you need to pluck with your tweezers, you may not be using the easiest (or less painful, yikes!) method that is available.

What is threading?

When you undergo threading, it is much like waxing. However, instead of the wax going onto the skin and then being removed with a strip of paper, the stray hairs that need to be removed are taken off by a twisted cotton thread. This thread pulls the hair from the follicle and removes it quickly and relatively without much pain.

What do we mean by ‘much pain’?

It is definitely bearable to get your eyebrows threaded. Especially if you have plucked or waxed them in the past, threading will not be anything you can’t handle.

Are there side effects?

The only real side effects that comes from threading are eye watering and perhaps sneezing. Additionally, you may experience some redness around your eyebrows directly after having them threaded.

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