user_042345345While men may not take it into consideration, women also have facial hair. For many women, growing hair on their face is something they have tried to remedy multiple times, and yet, it continues to be a bothersome task that has to be completed multiple times a month, if not multiple times a week. When you are a woman, sporting hair on your face is something that can have a major affect on your confidence. While some people opt to simply have their facial hair taken care of by laser therapy, others are hesitant about these procedures and therefore would prefer a different solution. There are many of these, three of which we offer here at Amaya Salon in Libertyville. Continue reading below to learn more about each method of hair removal we use and how the right one could be beneficial to you.


If you have a fairly low tolerance for pain, you may want to consider allowing us to bleach your facial hair. Not only is this procedure pain-free but it does not require you to return as often as you would have to if you were to choose to wax or thread that unwanted facial hair. This option may also be the best if you have skin that  often react negatively to hair removal procedures. If you have experienced breakouts or ingrown hairs from waxing or threading, bleaching should be your next experiment when it comes to making facial hair less visible.


Many people like waxing because it is fast and effective. However, the more often you wax, the often you will have to return to be waxed again. It’s just the name of the game. This option is best for those who have fairly healthy skin that isn’t as sensitive as others as waxing can possibly cause damage to the elasticity of your skin. However, if this is your preferred method of hair removal and it works for you, we would suggest you continue to use it.


As we addressed in our last blog post, threading is the process of using a twisted cotton thread to remove unwanted facial hair. This method is thought to be safer, more sanitary and to have longer lasting effects than waxing. You can learn more about threading here!

Remember, Everyone Is Different

We know, having facial hair as a woman is infuriating. There is so much that goes into our regular routine in order for us to look as nice as possible and removing facial hair seems like a cruel and unusual punishment. Regardless of which method you choose, we can definitely help you to get rid of unwanted facial hair when you stop into Amaya Salon in Libertyville today. Our team of expert beauty consultants can give you more information on all of our hair removal services so that you can pick the right one for you. We offer waxing, threading and bleaching. So what are you waiting for? Call to schedule an appointment right now!