1. Taking Care Of Unwanted Facial Hair at Amaya Salon

    While men may not take it into consideration, women also have facial hair. For many women, growing hair on their face is something they have tried to remedy multiple times, and yet, it continues to be a bothersome task that has to be completed multiple times a month, if not multiple times a week. When you are a woman, sporting hair on your face is something that can have a major affect on your con…Read More

  2. Should You Try Threading Instead of Waxing?

    Having eyebrows that you can be proud of has become all the rage over the last few years. Women especially are trying everything they can to make sure they have the fiercest brows possible, but are you? If you spend a couple days a week double checking your brows in the mirror for stray hair you need to pluck with your tweezers, you may not be using the easiest (or less painful, yikes!) method tha…Read More